At Chicks by Chicks sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. This is why the chicken we serve is organic. It has had a good and healthy chicken life at an organic farm with lots of space and free access to fresh air and sunshine. This means that the Chicks by Chicks chicken is tender, characterful and very tasty. It is a juicy chicken bite – combined with well-turned secrets and a delicate touch of French rôtisserie attitude.


At Chicks by Chicks – organic rôtisserie everything is prepared from scratch. The concept is simple. You get a chicken, roasted on a rotating spit (whole, half or a quarter) with your choice of side: crisp potatoes and tasty, filling salads, made from the best vegetables in season. On the menu you always find a chicken soup and appetizingly sticks – and a selection of deli products from our co-brand by Chicks. We love chicken, but we also enjoy everything that has to do with a good meal. Join us for a cup of coffee and read todays newspaper, have a cold beer or try a glass of our delicious natural wines. You are always welcome at our corner spot on Vesterbro Torv.


When we say sustainability we mean it. This is why we use the entire chicken, from making stock out of the bones to crisping the skin to make chips. All which become our deli products. It goes without saying that all by Chicks delicacies are home made, whether you choose our pesto, relish, fermented vegetables or pickles. And all our savoury products have this in common: they are unique in their taste and suit chicken well. To help out all the new parents we make fresh baby food. Add to this our tempting ’Nutty Ella’ nut spread which only contain the good cacao, nuts and only a little bit of sugar, and you are sure not to go home empty handed.

Selected products

On our shelves you will find biodynamic eggs, organic juice and soft drinks, beer and wine all from carefully selected producers. All wines and champagnes on the menu are from small natural and biodynamic wine producers. All products have one thing in common – they could have been our own. They are sustainable and come from cool ideas, good initiative and great people. We believe you will be able to taste this.




We believe in minimal food waste. Therefore we use the entire chicken! The liver becomes pâte, we grill the hearts, we crisp the skin to make chicken chips and we make stock of bones.


Animal welfare and a sustainable way of life is at the forefront of our philosophy. This is why all our raw materials are organic. At Chicks by Chicks you will find no food with trace of pesticides and we never serve genetically modified food.


Quality is using the best raw products available. This naturally means that they are 100% organic and that we produce everything from scratch. At Chicks by Chicks you will find nothing prefabricated, but only carefully selected raw materials, this is our food quality parameter.


Help us care for our planet? All our packaging is environmentally friendly, can be recycled or is compostable and in addition it is made in a sustainable packaging factory.


Make us happier by making us smarter. #chicksrethink is about you and your knowledge. So please share your experiences on any topic from food waste to recycling to sustainability - and share at #chicksrethink.



• Organic chickens eat 100 % organic feed. It has actually only been like that in Denmark since 2015.

• It is far more climate friendly to eat chicken than beef: A chicken eats, drinks and farts a lot less and therefor the emission of CO2 per kilo produced meat is lower than in the production of e.g. beef. This is one of the reasons Chicks by Chicks only serve chicken.

• Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken of course!

• Did you know that in Denmark alone we waste 700.000 tonnes of food annually? Uneaten and good but discarded food. Everyone of us is responsible for some 47 kg of food waste each year! We would like to change this. That is why we use the entire chicken at Chicks by Chicks and as a result minimize our food waste.

• We have taken our waste into consideration. Chicks by Chicks sort all waste.

• Did you know that chickens are jungle animals with an intelligence only capable of relating to some 25 fellow chickens, that they have their pecking order with? At day they peck the ground for food and at night they seek up in the lower branches of a tree for shelter. The jungle life is very similar to that of an organic chicken.


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